Why GDPR is good for you?

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, is a major new European privacy law that went into effect on May 25. GDPR will radically change the relationship with the organisations that store and process your data.

GDPR was a logical answer to the digitalisation of our society and economy in which personal data became a product gathered by companies offering free internet services such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. Those companies became the largest companies in the world just by selling our personal data to businesses which are using this to influence our behaviour and buying by presenting us targeted messages and advertisements.

GDPR gives you back the ownership over your personal data. The value and respect for your personal data protection is now regulated by law.

It means companies have to

  • request consent for gathering and processing your personal data (cookie and privacy notices)
  • protect your personal data (security)
  • request companies to access, modify or delete your personal data

To request access, modification or deletion of your personal data, you can use the tools on the following site: https://www.mydatadoneright.eu




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